♥~Megara~♥ (whatsername101) wrote in how_are_ya,

How are ya guys?!

Hey everybody! *hugs*

I'm in college and my lesssons are just about to start so I wanted to ask:

How are ya?!

Anyone doing anything interesting today?

Meg xxxxxxx
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I'm doing well. Still dealing with the coughs, but the runny nose is history.
*hugs* I'm glad its getting a little better
I just got out of my Shakespeare class. I have to go to the orthodontist. Ugh. I haven't been there since I was 14 and I really don't want to go back.
I just got my grades, and am really happy about them. So I'm in a pretty good mood.

It's raining and nasty out today, though. Oh well. Perfect day to stay in and watch some Hitchcock.
I handed in my dissertation yesterday, thus signalling the end of my days at university. It's an odd feeling.